Climate Smart Advisors provides a range of agricultural consulting services to both public and private-sector clients worldwide including:

  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Mainstreaming Resilience for Donors Governments, Businesses
  • Best Management Practices for Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Barriers, Constraints, and Feasibility Testing
  • Design of Donor Programmes
  • Value-Chain Analysis of Emissions and Risks
  • Carbon Finance and Markets
  • Soil Fertility and ‍‍‍Soil Carbon Sequestration
  • Forestry, Agroforestry and Silvopasture Carbon Accounting
  • Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Carbon Programmes
  • Workshops, Trainings, and Speaking

Climate Smart Advisors is looking for dedicated and experienced consultants.  To find out more about becoming a consultant please visit the Becoming a Consultant page.

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Consulting services are tailored for individual client needs.  Please visit our Request Service page for more information on consulting services and to contact us.

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