• Proposal and Review Phase
    • Guidance crafting CSA specific RFP and responses to RFPs
    • Proposal preparation and editing
    • Assistance reviewing RFP applicants
  • Inception and Implmentation Phase
    • Guidelines for assessing efficacy of different CSA proposals
    • General and taiored methodologies for measuring and monitoring food security, poverty, vulnerability, resilience, mitigation and other data sets
    • Recommendations on carbon accounting methodlogies for projects seeking return from CDM or carbon-offset projects
  • Capacity Building
    • Staff training on various aspects of CSA can run half-day to week-long training tailored to needs
    • Contract-hired review and editing of project reports or other documents pertaining to CSA
    • Short-term consulting (days to months)
    • Long-term staffing for multi-year projects
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Selection of appropriate quantitative and qualitative indicators for monitoring and evaluating projects
    • Third-party review of projects and programmes

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We need a few good people like you. To find out more about becoming a consultant please visit the Becoming a Consultant page.

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Project design is probably the most critical part of designing a good CSA intervention.  Please visit our Request Service page for more information.

Having the resources and tools to start thinking about how to mainstream climate smart into your project from inception phase can be critical to the overall success of meeting CSA objectives.  Climate Smart Advisors can assist with the development of effective and sometimes creative interventions by working with you to understand what will or won't work..  Some examples of things we might be able to assist with include:

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