Climate Smart Advisors offers a wide range of reporting services including full report writing from inception through final copy formatting, to chapters or sections, to proof-writing and editing for accuracy and critical review.  Reporting services include:

  • Regional Reviews of Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
    • Comprehensive review of peer-reviewed and grey literature
    • Household, regional and country-level vulnerability, resilience, and mitigation assessment
    • Crop vulnerability assessments
    • Portfolio of potential CSA practices, technologies and policies
  • Costs, Benefits, Barriers, and Constraints to CSA Practices
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis
    • Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)
    • Constraints and barriers to adoption
    • Trade-offs and synergies
  • Graphics and photo-documentation
    • Charts, graphs, tables, documenting formating and design
    • On-site professional photo-documentation
    • Audio and video recording

Want a job in CSA? To find out more about becoming a consultant ple‍‍‍ase visit the Becoming a Consultant page.

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Climate Smart Advisors can help with reporting on projects but first we’ll need to know what you need. Please visit our Request Service page for more information on training services and to contact us.

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