Climate Smart Advisors provides one-off and continuous training services in all areas of climate smart agriculture project and programme support and development.  Trainings are typically customized to specific client needs.  Some examples of trainings we have provided and/or designed include:

  • Climate Smart Programme and Project Design
    • Guidelines for setting up CSA projects
    • Measuring and monitoring vulnerability, resilience, and mitigation
    • Quantitative and qualitative indicator assessments
  • Extension Agent and Train-the-Trainer
    • Soil fertility and liming recommendations
    • Rhizobium inocullation
    • Integrated pest management
    • Sustainable farm design
  • GHG Accounting and Carbon Markets
  • Design of mitigation projects
  • Measuring above and below ground carbon pools
  • Verification methodologies for carbon projects

‍‍‍‍‍‍Climate Smart Advisors is looking for dedicated and experienced consultants. To find out more about becoming a consultant ple‍‍‍ase visit the Becoming a Consultant page.

Training services are tailored for individual client needs.  Please visit our Request Service page for more information on training services and to contact us.

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